About Us

Feedworks Pty Ltd is a partnership that markets products, services and technology to
enhance the profitability in animal production systems. The key area’s of operation include
poultry, dairy, pigs, feedmilling, cattle, sheep and forage production systems.


TruMune is Diamond V’s most advanced immune health postbiotic specifically intended for use in dog and cat diets. New dual-action helps support both immune function and digestive health for optimal pet performance, health, and vitality.

The compounds in TruMune work with the biology of the animal. TruMune helps to maintain immune strength, support digestive tissue integrity, and helps promote a healthy microbial balance.

Research demonstrates multiple benefits. TruMune supports the potential of the immune system for:

  • Greater Mobility
  • Higher activity levels
  • Overall Performance, health and vitality

TruMune has been tested in controlled scientific studies conducted at universities and an internationally recognised independent canine research center.

TruMune Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMj4O7zNbZs


Rodney Hosking