About Us

Feedworks Pty Ltd is a partnership that markets products, services and technology to
enhance the profitability in animal production systems. The key area’s of operation include
poultry, dairy, pigs, feedmilling, cattle, sheep and forage production systems.


Diamond V

A unique yeast metabolite product with unsurpassed efficacy

  • The only product with an FDA approved claim to increase Dry Matter Intake
  • Promotes Milk Fat and Milk Protein
  • Improved Feed Conversion Efficiency
  • Grows more rumen bugs
  • Manages rumen Health
  • Assist moderate rumen pH (SARA)
  • Easy to store and Pellet – No temperature issues
  • Higher milk yield
  • Assists mitigate the effects of Heat Stress
  • Trust – Supported by one of the world’s best research teams
  • Better colostrum IgG, and immune transfer to calves
  • Improved AGD and FCE in calves and beef animals
  • Also available in liquid, soluble, and Organic certified forms

Rodney Hosking